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Here is a collection of past pieces

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“Life has always been an art form. Finding the missing pieces in everyday is what always fascinated me. I find art to be clues, either to connect us to ourselves or those who came before us.”

- Fallon Rae


Following my soul's journey throughout the process of creation.

The incredible celestial mechanics of interstellar space exist within our own atmospheres and anatomy.


My goal through my ontology in the arts, life, and trauma I try to use light, years, and lightyears to expand our understanding of our closeness to the otherworldliness of what we do not fully grasp

With science, introspection, and discoveries internally and externally I attempt to capture the brighter sides of these subjects while making concepts obtainable to all ages and perspectives.

My work aims to present space phenomena in an almost reachable way. The work in so many ways helps clear your mind and assist you to find the lost records within. By creating an obtainable grasp of vast subjects such as space our own fragility in existence is clearer. I hope to capture audiences of all ages and understanding in both the day and night by using mediums and methods that extend the viewing life of my work. We all have the beauty of the stars within and my goal is to share that with the world.

Jellyfish, acrylic on canvas, 2019

Artist Statement

Watching when I was younger my mother and grandmother always find creative ways to express themselves. On Sundays, we had “Craft Day”. At every house we ever had my mother carved out space and time to make quilts, scrapbook, and always make her cards. My grandmother would refinish furniture and sell it at antique stores. I can picture the way her small studio looked in her basement. I remember seeing almost every color imaginable in big cans.

I did not accept my artistic fate until recent years. Accepting that my passion for the arts in all their capacity will never leave my heart and that I have a duty to translate the creative unknowns to the outside world. My goal is to bridge our versions of realty with abstract and hard subject matter into digestible and desirable pieces.

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