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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Thank you to The Art Center in Dover, NH for including me in the fantastic galactic exhibition May 2022

The Art Center Presents: "A Window to the Universe" Thank you to all of the Astrophotographers and Artist who participated in the exhibition.

Jimmy Zaid Chris Bruneau Evie Brunette Patrick Flanigan Marsha Wilcox David Random Victor Gentile Andrea Percora Shelden Oliver Sean McHugh Duncan Reid Matthew Paige Jackson Morrissey Fallon Rae

Visit the Art Center to see "A Window to the Universe" the exhibition runs now through the end of May.

Congratulations to Astrophotographer Marsha Wilcox who took first place for "The Great Orion Nebular" and Astro Fine Art Duncan Reid for "Blue Moon". Acknowledgements: Thank you to the many Art Center members who contributed to making A Window to the Universe Exhibition show a reality: Gallery Exhibition Curators - John Gianforte, Rebecca Proctor, Julie Stacy

I remember getting the call asking where my pieces were. I found myself being confused I thought this exhibition was only for photographers, it turns out I was one of the few fine artists chosen. There is such a giddy in my spirit. She asked if I had any pieces that were ready and I had a few, but they weren't at the level I wanted them to be. Spending the rest of my day and night curating my heart out. Finding the perfect frames, the best way to clean up the work, and show everything I have worked hard for. The three pieces included are still for sale here. Frames and extra gifts are included.

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