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Firehouse Center For The Arts

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

“Having a piece to another plane of existence reminds us of our place in the universe. However small or large it may be, we are a vessel of star dust here for a reason.”

This exhibit’s presentation is galactic acrylic paintings and the celestial beings ever present within our universe. Diving deeper we find tools of our own humanity echoed in the exploration of the other worlds outside of our own.

Using a range of media, the exhibition includes low relief sculpture to replicate craters and planetary surfaces, mixed media paintings of cosmic events, and ceramic work that imitate meteoric rock. The paintings often feature elements of the glow in the dark, echoing cosmic background radiation and other celestial events.

The inspiration comes from meditation, imagination, and an investigation of astronomical phenomena within our time. These pieces hope to give you a portal to a new place that exists alongside us.

Please enjoy this exhibition from June 12th to July 9th 2023

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