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SALON 2022

With over 398 pieces of art displayed and over 150 artists Mike Howat and I worked extremely hard to expand upon community creations. We wanted to hang the work floor to ceiling truly encapsulating and breaking what it meant to the originators of Salon style. Judging and exhibiting with status behind the work. We wanted to break up concepts, artists, and our own perspective to showcase every piece of art that was submitted.

Opening Reception Nov 19th 2022

SALON 2022 is stretching the convention of curation by presenting work as “Gasemtkunstwerk” , an artwork within itself. Following the unorthodox curation methods of past showcasings our hope is to multiply what it means to have artists as curators. Hopefully encouraging others to come together with their creativity. The intention is to pair ideas and individuals to produce a plethora of new organizational optics for the modern age. We hope this continues to foster and introduce a new tool for community organization and understanding that anyone can be an artist.

We named every wall and curatorial space with our own funny labeling. This was Steampunk Blood. You could truly see how the vision of our voices collaborated with strict gallerist standards for Michael and loose organic structures from myself. We played together off the strengths and weaknesses of each other's curation abilities to present a groundbreaking task of hanging, curating, and labeling in 3 days. We would be no where without our volunteers and administrative staff at Kimball Jenkins.

Bad Trip Wall 2022

The challenge of curating around curved shapes was an interesting challenge for us, but with our second year in we knew what we were in for.

Landscape "walking Through The Seasons"

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